The execution of the mecca halal slaughter rite (that depends from a religious more or less rigid interpretation) can variate from country to country, but DEST ITALIA is able to comply with any request in this regard.

An halal killing box generally must allow the 180° rotation of the animal, therefore it requires all the blocking systems within the machine before the jugulation. Usually a stainless steel platform, where the operator is positioned at the desired height, is placed next to the box to allow perfect bleeding of the cattle.
The halal killing box by DEST ITALIA is entirely made of hot-dip galvanized steel, has hydraulic functioning and is composed of: inlet gate for cattle entrance and rear pusher, lateral narrowing system, head blocking device and chinstrap, lateral door for cattle discharge, mobile cradle for animal collecting and processing after killing, electrical control panel and hydraulic power unit.
For goat slaughter plants, DEST ITALIA provides sheep restrainer certified for halal ritual operation.