Killing, bleeding and scalding are all very important stages of every pig slaughter process: how to bleed the pigs in the correct way? How to set-up a perfect hog scalding in the water tank to obtain the best pig hair removal? Stunning, if carried out correctly, allows to comply with the existing rules regarding animal welfare and to minimize any damage to the epidermis or nervous tissues, caused by suffering and shock.
DEST ITALIA proposes a wide range of hog slaughter equipment to set up those operations, like:

  • traditional pneumatic pig killing box or restrainer for large productions.
  • vertical bleeding line, made of tubular rail having strong thickness.
  • stainless steel roller conveyors (gravity or motorized) for horizontal bleeding, with lower blood collecting tank.
  • stainless steel pig scalding machine, for limited productions, equipped with gas burner for scalding the water and hydraulic lifter for unloading in the pig dehairer unit.
  • stainless steel hog scalding equipment with mechanical pork advancing system or pulling chain conveyor, dimensioned according to the hourly production and with direct discharge inside the hog dehairing machine.

DEST ITALIA offers all complementary equipment for pig slaughter line, like stunners through electronarcosis, bleeding pulleys, cutting tools such as hydraulic shears for legs, splitting saws and pig bung dropper with vacuum breathing system.